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How to set up a toll free number for your website

When it comes to technology – the answer to “Can you do this…?” is always yes – it’s simply a case of how long or how much. It’s only Tuesday and I’ve had an amazing week when it comes to technology research. I will save some of my research for another day – but today […]

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How I earned £300 cashback in 6 months (without trying)

[For UK readers only.] I buy a lot of ‘stuff’ online, mainly because it’s a) cheaper and b) saves me time and c) why leave the house when I don’t have to?! I have huge sympathy for the UK High St, however, as I’m often told, business is business. About a year ago I was […]

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How to share your screen with a client for free

There is not enough screen sharing going on in this world. If you’re a coach or consultant and your corporate clients are miles away – then you need to watch this video! I’d encourage you to get into the mindset of sharing your screen to begin with – if you’re looking to reveal something, explain […]

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How to create product screenshots without Photoshop

The product screenshot you see in this post has been generated without Photoshop or any other form of image manipulation software. It was also produced in approximately 15 seconds! In the video below, I show you how to do it, including how to take a screenshot from your iPhone or iPad, if you’ve always wondered […]

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The perfect consultant's office setup

Everything becomes so much easier when you’re organised. I’ve always loved my office – because, well… it’s mine. I can have it set up however I want – no one can tell me what I can and cannot do and like all the best things in life, it’s evolved over time. Part of the evolution […]

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How to sync Outlook with iCloud

Making your life easier… So much about being a lone consultant is about having your life made easier by technology. More often than not, it transpires against you to make life harder. With iOS5 launching yesterday, I’ve been keen to find out how iCloud is going to help sync our lives – how helpful would […]

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A review of Putler – the best Paypal app ever

If you use Paypal for your online transactions, and chances are you do, then you’re going to thank yourself for reading this review. For years people selling services online have used Paypal, but have struggled with their website. It’s slow, it’s clunky and it’s NOT intuitive at all. Processing refunds and analysing data are a […]

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Did you know the Outlook 2010 screenshot tool existed?!

A handy hint for you today – and something I’ve only just discovered which I wanted to share. If you use Outlook 2010, it’s easy to assume everything is just the same as Outlook 2007 and before. It’s human nature not to dig too deep and find out what’s new. Well this feature is new […]

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I found out the hard way – how to avoid a costly WordPress hack

Whilst away on my mini-retirement over the summer, one of my business websites got hacked and hacked in a bad way. The site is a web based application which has hundreds of customers and is becoming business critical for some of them. Fortunately while I was away, I have an amazing business partner and developer […]

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Why you need to get disciplined with RSS – a case study

I discovered RSS about 3 years ago. 2 years ago I started to get disciplined with it. For most people it’s a hidden part of the Internet. Pretty much all of my friends’ eyes glaze over when I mention the word. Maybe there should be a sexier acronym for it, maybe we should collectively think […]

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