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Mark CopemanMark Copeman is the co-founder of Customer Thermometer, the fast growing 1-click customer satisfaction SaaS tool.

Having sold his half share of the marketing agency, Twist Media in 2006 and sold his video production agency, 8:45TV in 2014, Mark has moved away from the agency world and gone on to focus on growing his online business.

Customer Thermometer was born in December 2010 and now has 100’s of customers all around the world, ranging from the likes of BT, Sonos and Reed Exhibitions, through to dozens of cleaning businesses in the US. Mark founded the service with his business partner, Lindsay Willott and has grown the business organically, without investment.

Mark is responsible for Customer Thermometer’s enterprise sales, whilst keeping an interest in developing content and writing around the subject of customer service – something he’s passionate about.

With a good grounding in Internet marketing, he has been selling online for the last 10 years. Mark has now consolidated everything he’s learnt into building Customer Thermometer, but thrives on continuing to learn something new every day.

Following his successful agency career, Mark continues to occasionally host B2B videos, acting as presenter and interviewer in front of camera and consults around video production for HN Marketing, the content marketing agency, located in Berkshire.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys life in Bray, Berkshire (the home of the Fat Duck restaurant) with his wife, son and daughter. He loves to travel and run (when his knees allow) and likes to pretend he’s cooking for Gregg and John in a Masterchef competition, whenever he can.

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