Do the right thing

It’s been a strange week for me. So many different things have happened which I won’t bore you with.

At 8pm on Monday I got a phonecall which changed my week somewhat. One of my biggest clients of our video production business, 2e2, was going into administration the next day. It was likely 100s of people would lose their jobs and my business had some exposure.

As it turned out the following morning, 319 people were asked to leave immediately and wouldn’t be paid for their January employment. Shocking mismanagement in my book.

This is a multimillion pound business, which had grown exponentially over the previous years through acquisition.

Last night I was invited to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research annual awards ceremony because of our recent fund raising activities, where I stood with my wife, tears rolling down cheeks as we listened in awe to stories of triumph over adversity… of people giving back… being selfless and doing amazing things.

My point today is a simple one.

There are plenty of people in business out to make a quick buck, who would sell their own grandmother and trample over anything and anyone to make a few quid.

Don’t be one of them.

Have some morals. Treat people right… treat people fairly… look after those who have helped you… give something back.

After all, it’s not a rehearsal.


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4 Responses to “Do the right thing”

  1. Martin says:

    Very true. Nice words

  2. Chris lord says:

    Always been my philosophy Mark
    Morality is the antidote to greed

  3. Debbie Remblence says:

    So true…unfortunately as you and I both know from experience, there are some terrible business managers and company owners out there who don’t care a jot about their employees or treat them with the respect they deserve when they have worked solidly for them..

    • Mark Copeman says:

      Wow – Debbie – lovely to hear from you – hope you’re doing well.
      Sadly, there are plenty of people in this world of business without many values. When you’re dealing with human beings – as you say – they should be treated with respect, even when the chips are down.
      Best wishes,

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